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This was a fun read, even with the author's claim that it was pure fiction. (Quelle surprise!)
Good research and detail which sometimes Mars the flow of thought in sci-fi, but not in this case. Did you planet that way? he asks - with his laptop sitting on a 'saturn' tablecloth.
Very well done.
Wow Beth, I am flabbergasted, this is SO clever! What a gift you have! I struggle with descriptive story-telling at the best of times but to do so in sci-fi .....! OK, I confess it, I guess I 'live on a small planet with diminished brain capacity'! Your story really made me smile - an innovative and inventive take on the topic, and just great!! Thankyou
Clever, unique, imaginative and great! Excellent writing and a wonderful, humorous read!

God Bless, Lynn
It seems that even in the future vanity/jealously and even disconnected cables will still exist (sigh - will we ever outgrow our need for mechanics?) But just as well because compassion and justice trumps them all! : )
What an extremely creative and clever take on the topic!! I enjoyed the sci-fi tone of the piece and your interesting descriptions. Nice job! :)
Unique and very creative use of this topic. The similarities between the futuristic world and our own abounded from the very beginning. Kudos!
This is so creative. A fun, unique, intergalactic sci-fi read if I say so myself! And with a wonderful ending too.
Congratulations, Beth. I am so proud of you! I have never been a sci-fi fan, but your writing could make me change my mind. I love the mc, the plot, the humor--the whole delightful story.
Wow! Good job, Beth! Congrats. Loved it.
Congratulations Beth on this fun intergalactic tale...such creativity to spin it!
: ) : ) What can I say? Way to go - this was fun, yet oracally (sp)- meaning able to predict future events - profound, which makes it enduring. Congratulations, Beth. This is great to see you placement and your work as well!
Many congratulations Beth on this wonderful and clever story. I am so glad it did well.
CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C. win for this captivating story! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Highly Creative
Hilariously Comical
Humble Congratulations
Heavenly Communication.
(I'll leave it there because all I could think of next was Holy Communion - which would not have been appropriate, so I'm glad I didn't mention it.) Well done Beth!!!
Beth, congratulations on winning a spot on the Editor's Choice list. Sci-fi tales usually are not my favorite, but your genius with words and imagination kept me reading--it was fun.
A very creative story, which I enjoyed though not usually a sci-fi fan. Congratulations on your HC.
This was a "fun" read. I found myself smiling at the end, not even sure exactly which clever part of your little story I am smiling most about. You know, I don't even really like outer space settings in my usual reading--but, you made it feel natural and every day and matter of fact--not like some strange scientific-other language--other-worldy mind type of experience. You captured what it is to be human--even though your characters lives had expanded beyond earth's borders. That's what makes all readers enjoy a setting that wouldn't normally appeal to them.
Who knew Beth was a natural sci-fi writer!!! Really enjoyed this out-of-this-world entry. And that last line made me laugh out loud--not kidding. Congrats!