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Oh this is brilliant! I thought there might be quite a few time travel stories this week. Though yours is the first, I dare say, even if every other story is about time travel not a one will rival yours! This is hysterical, creative and explains the missing socks of the world! I also totally love all the awesome words you used too. Splendid bit of writing!
I counted forty two sentences, which you may be able to serve concurrently - otherwise you'll be completely washed up. You've had a lot of fun here, and thanks for inviting us along for the ride, as you try to answer that age-old question - "Where does the other sock go?" Yet despite this highly-engaging story, I have to say that you have totally missed the point! Tsk Tsk!
Where does the other sock go?
It goes on the other foot!:-)
This is a very creative piece of writing, with depth. It touches on obsessions. The obsession with long words is interesting, almost asperghers ic. (not sure if I've spelled that correctly). I'm glad you gave the meaning of 'brobdinnagian'- what a great word! I like the sock connection too. Most enjoyable. Thanks.
Whoops - I meant 'Brobdingnagian'. I knew I'd get that wrong!
Cute story. Thanks. God bless
Suddenly I'm a fan of Sci-fi-time travel---anything that's written this awesomely has converted me to a fan. The creativity, the humor, the gifted story telling makes this an all-time favorite for me!
In a word: priceless. I so enjoyed your story and the way you told it. Had I known about your time travel earlier, I would have just nodded my head when one of my socks came up missing and said, "Yep, probably Beth. Wonder if she ever got rehabilitated?"
This has got to be a winner, it sure is in my book!
So worthy of the top slot! Now I know where my lost socks are! Excellent writing.
Happy dancin' with you! Told you so!!
See, I'm a time traveler too, but into the future predicting this win! If only I'd remembered to play the lottery. Congratulations on this well-deserved win, Beth. It's a keeper for sure!
Absolutely amazing Beth. Your skill amazes me ( and I wish I could find a huge word for that, but I can't!!) Many many congratulations - well deserved.
:D CONGRATULATIONS!! :D This story is fully deserving of its highest honors this week! It is so clever and humorous and enlightening! :) WAY TO WRITE!!
Numero Uno! Great work Beth, you deserve it.
Woo hoo! Extraordinary story-supremely crafted to topic. Congratulations on this hilarious, informative read.
Congratulations Beth. A well-deserved win.
Definitely original. Thanks so much!