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What a beautiful piece. I felt chills in your ending, a sure sign you had hit your mark at least in me.
Very well written. I can see this being part of a longer story. Good job.
Ah, my husband is like your Meg. We live in the desert, although it's not flat. He reminisces all the time about the lush green, and plentiful waters in Oregon and Washington from his childhood days. Great writing. I enjoyed the story. God bless.
This is an interesting take on the topic. There is nothing quite like small towns. I did scratch my head a bit when I was trying to figure out what she had done so that everyone in town would know. At first I thought it was a scandalous secret then I realized it was because everyone in a small town knows everyone's business. I liked how you captured the idea that home is where you feel love. Nice job.
Good job in putting a lot of Meg's journey into a short space. I'd love to have seen her inner conflict earlier on, like showing her driving the dull flatlands right from the beginning and feel her disappointment and sadness right away. Also, what does Jack look like? Is he old, young? A potential interest that would make her really feel at home? Or more of a fatherly figure? Just some things to think about if you rewrite. Oh and I totally got the small town thing where everyone is in everyone's business. I grew up in a place like that ;-)
Really enjoyed the story overall!
This is so descriptive in its setting and its thinking. The dog reminded me of one place being described as "so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days!"
Real warmth throughout. Well done.
Awww...touching, moving and made me smile. God bless
I enjoyed this very much. I am from small town and I long to live in one again. This is a lovely story and brought a nice warm feeling. Very well done
I liked Meg and her story. I think she could easily be transformed into a major character in a book. There is nothing like a small town.