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Thank you for this piece that so fully illustrates the possibility of hope, of love. Thank God for the light given in Bible "thingies."
Nicely constructed story with good application of the topic. Loved the "happy" ending.
I really enjoyed your story and the positive ending. Well done.
This was a very moving piece, and the strange thing is, you didn't hammer us with the emotion. Nobody was the "bad" guy in your story, both were just going it alone - together. I loved how you subtlely moved them from darkness to light by bringing them back home to each other. You have a very deft touch and I found myself near tears at the end - not tears of sadness or joy, just the tears that come from witnessing something profound in something so simple. Great, great job.
You have a definite way of stirring the emotions with words. This started out sad and ended with wisdom and hope. Very well done.
Strength coming up through weakness.. Isn't that what those "Bible thingies" are all about? Great story with a clear portrayal of the dialogue and of your MC's inner thoughts. Well done.
Awww! This tugs at the heart strings yet there was no major dilemma, just a couple who'd drifted apart and a shortage of cash. You have a real gift for drawing the reader in and identifying with the characters. Superb writing.
This is great, with very realistic progression. Technically the "we both feel it on the inside" is a POV shift, but I still liked the ending. I have a feeling this will rate highly this week!
I really enjoyed your story of mercy and grace. Misinterpretation colors so many aspects of our relationships which a little compassion and swallowing of pride can begin to heal. I think your story highlighted that so well.
I agree that this was powerful and moving. Fantastic entry.

God bless~
Oh I love this story. You did a grand job of giving your characters depth. You nailed the topic while still delivering a great message. Congratulations on ranking 14 on Masters and 22 overall!