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Thank you for your work in the jungle--just one cockroach or snake and I would have been on the next plane. A good reminder that no matter where God places us, He is with us.
Me too Bonnie...just reading about that huge cockroach made my skin crawl! I think it would take even more than an overflowing pitcher for me, I think God would have to nearly drown me in a sea of grace for me to stay there! May I say to the author, how brave and dedicated you were and I pray many blessings and rewards came from your sacrifice to be there. The message of this story though, reminded me of a difficult time I went through and God had to give me strength, second by second, minute by minute, day by day. Thank you for the reminder God measures out strength and grace in needed moments and measure. Well written story, with great message, a wonderful testimony!
Good entry. Well written.
Love the inner spiritual life portrayed here. Well done
This is great. The "one more minute" and "one more hour" and "one more day" are great reminders.
This is a very encouraging, inspirational story, and I very much enjoyed reading it! Your overall writing, dialogue, and descriptions are well done. Great job! :)
Inspiring, moving, touching and a meager dose of truth in every word of this well written and awesome story.

I loved it, and I felt as if I was right there as I read.

Thanks. God Bless~
Great, honest, heart-thrilling writing. Thankyou. Wonderful illustration that God's Grace (second by second) IS sufficient for each of His children.

Should have read "a MAJOR dose of truth in every word." Sorry...but fabulous nonetheless. Thanks. God Bless~
This is such a profound story. You reached out and grabbed my heart. All kinds of emotions zoomed around my heart and head as I read this well-written inspirational story. That fact that it is true makes an even greater impact.
A superb and poignant piece, one that lingers...
Beautifully written and very thought provoking. Thank you for sharing this inspiring piece.
You have revealed the depth of your own commitment, in staying so open to God's grace when a whole army of vicious creepy-crawlies surround you. You can't even see them when you're awake, but you let that 'small' hurdle pass because you have chosen to encourage the rest of us! Amazing!
Congratulations on ranking 23 overall!