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This had me smiling from beginning to end. Every mom can relate, I'm sure. I liked your contrast with how Dad handled the kids for his turn. The rhyme worked well with the humor too.
How true that a mother's work is never done.
You are so good with meter! This was magnificent. I enjoyed every new revelation in her flu journey. This is exactly how it works for Mom when she is sick. And the "baby's massive poo" was a riot! :) I love your poem!
Smiled throughout the entire well written entry.

God bless~
This is really cute. It had me smiling and giggling as I read it. In the beginning I stumbled over some lines. My brain really wanted the rhyme with bite to be quite instead of quiet. But some of that is my brain and US accent I'm sure. It was a fun and the fast pace matched the theme brilliantly.
This is fun - real experiences in the life of a Mum!! A great poem, some lovely rhymes and great metre. This brought a smile!
Congratulations on ranking 13th in level four and 14 overall!