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A clever and interesting re-telling of the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine. You brought the whole scene to life with detail and imagery. The title and the first few paragraphs threw me, perhaps intentionally, which made for a better read. And the red stuff - 200 gallons? Some party!
You've made this re-telling of Jesus' first miracle come alive - the characters had true depth and did not appear as cardboard cutouts. I enjoyed the MC's voice, too. The ethnicity seemed authentic. How nice it would be to have a wait staff that actually mirrored your story!
You did a great job of placing the reader in this historical setting with the drama and urgency of the situation. I love all the details you used surrounding the wedding background, from "widow's table," to the importance of the seating arrangement. You have some great phrases, "instant vintage" and ironic foreshadowing with "blissful indestructibility." :) Then the "annual appreciation to our waiting staff" made me smile.
How cleverly you wrapped an old story inside a new story! The narrator's voice is especially well done.
It is a wise man who does not forget his wedding anniversary... by your account; Jesus blessed him in a way probably not foreseen that day! :) But thinking about that made me think how often Jesus blesses us in unforeseen ways. How one act of His toward us, can change our perspectives forever. This story was witty and entertaining, beginning to end…with some good messages in there to boot! Really enjoyed!
What a joy to read this re-telling! I care not for many paraphrases, but you did a wonderful job!
This is wonderful. Being the slow person I am, I was a few paragraphs in before I recognised where this was going!! Then, what a thrill! You brought the story alive with the characters you described, the dialogue, the MCs retelling of surely the best day in his life. Excellent great writing. Thankyou
This is exceptional. I too, was a little slow on the uptake, but when I realized the story I was thrilled! What a wonderful take on the amazing miracle of turning water into wine. The whole piece left me with a big smile! This is definitely a winner. Beautifully done.
Cleverly woven spin on this well known miracle. You enhanced the story with numerous brilliant colors and your play on the topic was priceless!
What a clever entry! There are so many interesting facets here... I was really slow with this but the more I re-read it the more I understood it and the better it got. Your vocabulary was superb. I felt like I was in the middle of the wedding party, witnessing the whole scene and what an amazing staff of caterer's. It was definitely a wedding for the ages, the only better one will be at the "Marriage Supper of the Lamb," I can hardly wait for that one, for that is one I will be at!
Having read the other comments, I can only agree. The only words I could add would be "Delightful, simply delightful! Superbly crafted!"
Wow - excellent job!

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 26 overall!