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Enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek take on the topic. Honestly, some women can be so catty at times, can't they. Is there no wonder there's so many lawsuits? This scenario - which is probably all too real - makes me wonder what the real source of the infection might be. Surely not Heidi, but possibly the others.And now Heidi, after a few years in this environment under her belt,and a few years of aging to catch up with the others, she might become infected as well. I like stories that make me think - just like this one did.
Nothing like a little bit of jealousy or envy that is shared in secret to colour the scenario - even more vividly than Heidi's alleged dye. Maybe they felt she had dyed the roots dark, like I've noticed so many ladies do. Not that I've dyed my hair, it dyed all by itself - a real load off my mind.
Unfortunately so true to life, though workplace sniping is not a totally female practice.
Like the pun in your title too, which I should haph repherred to bephore this.
Clever title, Staphylococcus infection. This was so typical of what can happen when a few women get together. It once happened to me when I was waiting to be interviewed for a post, along with others. I got the job but you've never heard such porkies that were being passed around. I loved the way you wrote this. It was very realistic and those gossipers got taken down a peg or two in the end. Great job!
So much fun here! I loved how you carried through the gossip theme with medical phrases. I loved the "punch" at the end.
I was "infected" with chuckles early on in this piece. Human nature is an ugly thing at times, especially when the malignancy of gossip invades. I liked how you hit on the topic in a duality of the "staff" of the office being infected with talk of someone new to the "staff". Great Title too.
For me it was a bit predictable, but that's just me. I really enjoyed it.
Clever and ingenious approach to the topic. I really liked this.

God Bless~
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