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So Donna took a 'dinghy' view of what you have described with such skill. I love your words pictures, like 'blowing out the candles on car 5,' and how you've linked the boy's love of playing cars with his grasp of the boat's steering wheel - and the unexpected outcome. Great writing.
This was exciting with a bit of humor mixed in. Very well written and great read. Well done!
Great job! I thought this was clever, witty and didn't want it to end.

Nicely done. God bless~
This one made me smile. I enjoyed the easy style of your dialogue. The ending was perfect. I thought it was funny that you framed the key! Great job.
I want more of your wonderful adventures!!!
Skilled writing, great imagery and such an exciting read.
I loved everything about this "grab-you-by-the-collar read. It was humorous, suspenseful and unpredictable. Even with the title and the intro, by the time you started talking about the MC's hopes for his son Tyke, I thought the story was going to be more about that and fishing. I loved all of the language you used with your character's and the on going monologue for your MC as well. I love anything to do with the water; fishing; boats, so this was pleasure through and through. But your clever use of weaving a story for the reader so the reader is really "along for the journey" is priceless. Thanks for the fun adventure! I also loved the framed key and the fact that it was not found in Tyke's life jacket in time.
This was a great, humourous, adventure story. I really liked the dialogue, and all the color you put into the story. I also liked the framed key on the wall.
God Bless.
This is a rich story full of suspense, humor, adventure--with a cute little boy thrown in for good measure! :) Your dialogue and descriptions are excellent, your use of the "key" topic perfect, and the ending brought a smile! Terrific job!
Oh I just adored this humorous piece right from the start. Your descriptions of tide and moon phase watching reminded me of my own daily sometimes hourly review of wind-tide combinations to find those epic on the water adventure moments. And your perfect character representations of Tyke and his mama! heheehe but wait...for a grand finale, your own self depreciating (in a witty way) look at your self. Priceless!!

Wing His Words!
WOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, VIRGIL!! FIRST PLACE! Not bad at all!! :D This story really was superb and totally deserves this honor! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
No doubt about it, this is a first class story all the way. You are an amazing writer. Now you can frame your "Key win" along side Tyke's life jacket and key! Way to go -- Congrats!
Congratulations Virgil. This is a well deserved win!
Whoo Hoooo too!!!
You kept me aboard, mate, with every word. Congratulations!
Congrats! God Bless~
Congratulations Virgil! You are never a boring read!
What an amazing story, you had me fearful of all things in water for a bit. :) Your levity and humor was icing on the cake. Excellent work. Super congrats on your EC award!!
This is brilliant and well worth its first place. Many Congrats. Great fun and humour but also pretty scary - your descriptions and dialogue were tremendous. A super read - thankyou.
A well-deserved win. Congratulations! This is a very engaging tale of drama. I like the part the key played (or didn't play at the right time) in the story.
A great job! A great win! Congratulations!
What more can I say than what'already been said?
Dialoge, humor, wonderful colloquialism, masterful storytelling..Congratulationson your win. Your ship has definitely come in!