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Powerful writing! I especially like the sentence: Some time between earth's trembling on its axis and before the Father turns His back, a set of iron keys, rusted and unseeable by mortals, slips from the Throne Room and plummets through all of creation to Golgatha's Hill.
The imagery in this piece reminds me of Revelation 4. Very powerful images. You can just picture it!
Fantastic beginning to end!
Very powerful imagery that steps beyond the limitations of mere words to describe the indescribable, as you present the comfort and challenge of the Cross.
Epic! God bless~
Beautiful. I especially loved this line: "The Son turns, and redemption pivots with Him."

Great job!
Intoxicating! I am still breathing this in . . .
I have to add one more 'powerful' as this is what it is from beginning to end. Great imagery too.
Reading this was just like going to Heaven's concert and seeing the whole thing unfold like a play. There are just too many memorable lines that I loved to quote. I too loved the line about "Redemption Pivoting" as our Lord turned. But of all the exhilarating lines in the whole piece, I think my absolute favorite would have to be your ending where the Father presents His son (our Lord) with the golden key. He then says the best and truest part of all, that we will be in heaven when jesus lets us through those gates because of what He did for us. This was masterfully told. It was as someone said, "Epic." Thanks and bless you for blessing me.
Very powerful writing from beginning to the end. I also liked the line -- "The Son turns, and redemption pivots with Him.
God bless.
Stunning in every aspect! I am a bit overwhelmed by the tangible way you presented these Truths. I am smiling with tears in my eyes...I simply can't express my applause with words~ Bravo!!
This powerful piece is full of rich imagery and and amazing descriptions! (There were a couple spelling or punctuation mistakes,and I think you meant to use the word "plaintive" instead of "plaintiff.") I loved the part where Jesus used the iron keys to open the gates of Death and Hell, and how the golden one is for Heaven's gate. There is a lot of passion in this piece and a great message for all of us! Well done!
HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C. WIN for this wonderfully-written piece!! The imagery and the message were superb! WAY TO WRITE!! :)
Lillian, This piece is like fine artwork. Just stunning to stand and gaze and appreciate for hours. I am so thankful that Jesus was willing to love us so much that he would go through that humiliation so that we could be His kids. Congratulations on your very special EC and Hc wins. Blessings of His love...
Congratulations Lillian!!! A very well deserved win. Loved it.
Congratulations Lillian. I love this powerful entry.
Congrats. God bless~
Congratulations on a very well deserved EC! My best to you.

Blessings, Lynn
This is SO wonderful and the powerful glimpses into something of what the Lord Jesus accomplished in conwuering death and the grave, is astounding. Thank you for felling our hearts again with wonder at all He has done. Precious writing. Many congratulations too on your EC.
Placing 6th overall is an encouraging feat. Congratulations!