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This was such an interesting read! I loved it. Such a clever entry. Thanks.

God bless~
Hysterical! But so true about people! Our neighbors slight us because we have no strength to plant roses - they think we are lazy. We are not - just unbendable. But you are giving me thought about painting my old salt box of a house!

Because He lives and loves . . .
I love your very amusing story. Some people do get very upset when their neighbors don't 'conform'. Can people really claim contributions to churches as tax deductions in your area? Can't here. Well done!
Charlie and Retha, gotta love em. Great characters that just jump off the page right into your living room with you they are so real. I loved this story. I saw two ways in which you covered the topic here without even mentioning it. One was the color and trim of the houses in question and the second is how we respond to one another and if we have the accent of Christ with how we live. I love the fact that even though he didn't seem to be a tither, he was willing to call his pastor to help with their problem. Wonderful Story. Thanks!
Oh what a delight this is. First I loved learning the word xeriscape. I also delighted in the two separate worlds the couple lives in. Next, what's wrong with a purple house? I think a lime green garage would be the perfect accent. Your original take on the topic made this story fresh and fascinating.
This is so cute. I loved the dialogue between your characters. Great job!
Totally engrossing, I couldn't stop reading - each line like a cliff hanger. Great job, I could picture the entire scenario and the contrast of your two characters was perfect in pitch and (dis)harmony. Your ending? Loved it!
Totally engrossing and entertaining. You make it look easy. The conversations were great - each ignoring the other. Creative, witty, subtle, meaningful characters..."Why not. Let him earn his money." - Just classic. Really outstanding writing!
Splendid and witty tale of neighborly love....
As usual, your story was funny, clever, descriptive, and had a point! Retha was a hoot, and I felt for poor, long-suffering Charlie! It was a real delight to read! GREAT JOB!! :)
Congratulations on ranking 25 overall!
There is so much to enjoy in this humorous story. You are so good at detail. :)