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My assessment could sound quite contradictory. As one who admires the simplicity and skill that accompany effective ropework, I was "knot interested!"
A very clever story woven around lessons in tying ropes and laces, with strong and believable characters.
Well done.
First off, I learned a new word that I did "knot" know before I read your story ... "detritus". I had to look it up in the dictionary. I love new words.

Second, I enjoyed your story. Great descriptions. Thanks for writing.
I like this.

A bit more of information about where the story was set would have helped... Was it in the US when Vietnamese first started immigrating, or somewhere else? Not crucial to the story, I suppose, but it may have made the tension felt by the MC's family a bit more real.

Great job with this. I had no idea any of these knots existed. Except the square knot. :)
Oh what a delightful story. you took me to this fishing village. I'm sure I could almost smell it, your descriptions so grand. I enjoyed every single word.
I loved the dialogue you created between Carl and Peetee , it was so real and had me right there. I thought all of the lessons about the different kinds of knots were very interesting as well and told in a very entertaining way. I loved the moral at the end. The only problem I had with this story, and I am sure it was just me was at the very beginning I at first thought that Carol was Vietnamese and that he was the one who had tripped, it wasn't until the other character (Peetee) emerged and I re-read it a few times that I figured it all out. I am just slow, so I am sure your piece was punctuated correctly. I also really loved the different dialect in this piece, that is always a fun read for me, makes it nice and colorful. Blessings...
Oh I do like this! So colorful with characters, descriptive scenarios and knotty situations!
I learned a lot about knots from your story. The MC's were very memorable. I hope they reappear in another story.
You had me curious right from the get go with your unique title and introductory sentences.
Your story was creative and imaginative and not only a pleasure to read but motivated me to rekindle my desire to learn how to construct interesting knots. I downloaded a 3D app to my Kindle to guide me.
But alas you left me questioning the type of slipshod knot which was perhaps the cause of your MC's lose of limb.
Thank you for this fascinating story of knots and the community that was falling apart. Congratulations on you 2nd place EC!
Congratulations on your win for this colorful, educational and lovely piece that teaches some important lessons of love to boot. Enjoy your day and bask in the glow!
Congrats Virgil! God bless~
Congrats on your win. I missed this story the first time around. Very well written. Loved your characters.Blessings.
Congratulations Virgil. A truly delightful tale.
Sorry Virgil, to be so long getting to reading this awesome story! My time is so consumed lately with caring for elderly parents, I don’t have the time to read and comment as I used to. Often do not even have time to present a story of my own. I miss it too and this is just an example of all the good stuff I am missing!

Congratulations on your win! This story was so deserving of the win! Like Cheryl, I too learned a new word "detritus", I too had to look it up…but that only but one of the ways your story was not only extremely entertaining but educational! I feel like I got an education on knots! I actually felt a bit jealous of Peetee, wishing I could be there myself watching Carl demonstrate the knots! This was so masterfully done, you also managed to “tie” it together with a theme of love, peace and understanding, wished for all mankind! KUDOS on this terrific story!
Way to Go! Congratulations on your win.
Congratulations! I so enjoy your articles . . .