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I could see you as a little girl wanting so much to go to school, but unable to tie your shoes. It brings back memories of my Dad teaching his children and grand children to tie shoes with the "bunny" method, using two loops. In school, I learned the traditional way.

Wing His Words!
This is such a sweet story. I imagine things have changed since you started school and my youngest did. I was her room parent and it almost seemed that the teacher and the helpers spent more time tying shoes than teaching! In fact, the teacher made a big board with little shoes to encourage kids to tie their own. Once they could, their name was on the board. In the beginning only one child out of 20 or 22 could tie her own shoe. MY daughter was determined to get her name on the board ASAP so like your MC she struggled and worked hard. I love the last paragraph. It just says it all.
"Around the rules... or Daddy's way?" What an allegory of meaning behind that phrase and this story. Very cute and well-done!
What a sweet and tender story. Your dad showed, loved, patience and compassion...all signs of a wonderful Christian daddy, reminds me of my late dad.

This brought back memories of learning to tie shoes. I was fortunate however, being part of a Christian school, the girls had to wear, patten leather black shoes with a T-strap. So, all I had to do was slip them on! But, I do remember the saddle shoes, mainly from "Buster Brown" with the puppy inside the shoes!

I LOVED this poignant story of anticipation, determination, and love.

Nicely done.

God bless~
This dad is very wise and patient. I didn't have trouble with tying shoes, but buttoning my coat.
I enjoyed the clarity of this tenderly written story. Well done.
Congratulations!! Happy Dance!
I'm smiling at your sweet story. I loved your last paragraph. If only we would all follow Daddy's Way. Congratulations on your EC!
Dannie! Congratulations my friend on your most deserved EC! I didn't have a chance to read all of the entries...but certainly was glad to have read yours!


God Bless~

Wing His Words,
What a great piece of storytelling. "Do you want to go through life trying to bend the rules or do it daddies way?"
Profound doesn't do that statement justice! Well done.
This sweet story conveys the tenderness between a father and daughter through his patience and wisdom. Thanks, judges, for putting this one on the EC list.