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Wow! This really touched my heart. It opened my eyes. I have been estranged from my father for way too many years. I feel like I have done a lot of bending, but through your words I could feel God nudging me to try to bend a bit farther. It will stretch those muscles and hurt for a bit, but I mist try. Thank you for this great message. It has touched me deeply.
This touches me on so many levels. I know how a mother having a favorite can affect you. I always loved her, but I wondered why she was so close to one of my older brothers, and sent me to live with my aunt. Fortunately, i do not resent him now and we have a fair relationship.

Thank you for sharing this. It makes me want to try and build a closer relationship with him.

Excellent writing, by the way.
Wasted years that don't have to be. Thanks for the reminder and the solution. Well done.
Skillful descriptions in your word pictures, and in your profile of your two sister friends. I like the warmth of your challenge, which is totally devoid of preaching.
Right on topic. Your "broken string relationships" reference is so true. Great lesson within. Keep writing.
This devotional really spoke to my heart. Time on earth is so short; it is time to reassess my relationships and tighten up the bond on a few of them.
Thank you for writing this powerful message. It tugged on my heart on many different levels. The story brilliantly weaved the word tie in throughout the piece.

It is never too late to restore relationships if the people are living on earth.

I appreciate you reminding us how important it is to build relationships right from the beginning.
How sad for those sisters. I had a friend who didn't speak with her mother for many years, all over a silly trivial thing. The mother died without being reconciled with her daughter. Your entry is a good reminder of what not to do.
Nice job, and nice analogies.

I had to laugh at the part about bending to tie shoes... I can't bend right now, due to restrictions after surgery, so I have elastic shoestrings that make my tennis shoes act like slip ones. :) But I suppose stretching is required too, huh?

Great job.
Your last line contains the key:If we are WILLING, God is right there and always ready..." Thank you so much for this piece that is such a necessary reminder to the body of Christ (and too your truly) to always be willing to examine self, not allowing pride ever to get in the way of the love that God wants to grow in us. All of the marvelous word pictures with the different types of shoes were so fitting. This work was a gem of a devotional while using the word of our topic throughout. This is a great piece of writing on so many different levels and one I tend to revisit the next time that I am feeling: "If only they would do this / that..."
So well written and so very true. Years ago I wrote an article entitled "Adversarial Brotherhood" for this very reason. If this does not receive a prize, I will be very disappointed.
Fantastic title expressed all through this wonderful devotional! Thank you for this timely reminder that our relationships are a gift from God and deserve to be nurtured.