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Oh I love this! It is so creative. You had me mesmerized from the very first word to the very first poke. I think this is brilliant and very different but in a great way.
Hahaha. What a different clever and fun.

Nicely done.

God bless~
Clever and entertaining. I liked your pair of MC's.
This was witty and charming! I felt like I was reading a Disney book.

I thought it was awesome!!!
This made me smile, but the underlying message wasn't lost. We all must be careful with our words. I enjoyed your characters.
Clever twist! I enjoyed this. Reminded me of Beauty and the Beast. :o)
Totally unique,fresh, and entertaining. You have not wasted anyone's time here. Rather you have given us a great time reading this delightful story. I will remember to pay attention next time someone nips their finger or stabs their tongues with a fork! Delightful and excellent!
Perfect Title! You set the stage beautifully with your description of the ballroom and then you got into the "meat" of your dialogue which entertained and was thought provoking at every turn. I loved this delightful story. It would be one that so many different age groups would both enjoy and learn from. I can just see this in an nicely illustrated book for for third through fifth graders, although it is wonderful for adults as well.This piece was perfect from start to finish, having both my attention and smile. Thanks so much for sharing, and you write great fiction! Blessings...
Fantasytastic! Sheer novelty. Imaginative, fun - and with a good moral worthy of "Aesop's NEW Fables", yes? Thank you for making my heart laugh . . .
Very creative! This is a cute story - a knife and a fork hatching a plot. Well done.
CONGRATULATIONS! And you thought this once was wasting time! Time writing is never wasted, especially when it produces an excellent story like this.

Congrats again on this HC!
You are much too modest. This was a wonderful piece. I loved it when I first saw it, when I read it here, it stood out to me again as being exceptional, and it still does! I love the way you are always thinking out of the box with your POV. Your writings are certainly an inspiration to me. Thank you for the way you always use your writing to teach an important truth about the kingdom of God or how we should treat one another. Many Blessings and Congratulations!
Congratulations on ranking 11 overall! That is an Ouch!! The lower levels were really impressive this week. We Masters need to keep on our toes. I don't think I ever remember seeing a HC in Masters not being an EC too. It just shows how great the competition is and how powerful your piece is! I think this will always be one of my all-time favorites. You are so creative and I loved this. I had cartoon images like the Beauty and the Beast in my head and believe this could make a great kids' book. I do hope you will pursue that avenue because this piece is brilliant.