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The first word here is excellent! Excellent message all wrapped up in simply delightful story. Fine writing sir. Thank you so much! "If I lead you to it, I'll lead you through it." That will stick with me from now on. God Bless!
"If I lead you to it, Iíll lead you through it. You prayed, didnít you? Get moving."

Loved every word and I want to know how it ended up... did Sally break or not?

Great writing. Keep it up!
I like the clear message he received at the end, and the way you left the story hang, making us want to know more. My mom had a car that would lock on her like that, for no reason, and at frustrating times. Thank you for sharing this with us.
What make of car is that? Good that I no longer drive. The engine should shut off after a few minutes, not the door lock. Well, now that I have had my huffy fit - this was sheer novelty! I loved ever word. Welcome home - we missed you.
What a place to stop the story! I'd like to know what happened - success or not. You've done a great job in telling this and making it readable and enjoyable.
Oh what a delight. There is so much wisdom in this piece. i could feel my stomach dropping as the story went on. it's wonderful how god still speaks to us today!
I really enjoyed the story and how at the end you left the answer to our imagination. Thank you for an awesome story.
You're kidding me right? You are going to leave us hanging there? You have got to write a "Sally, My Love #2." I loved this, lingo and all. I could picture the whole thing from start to finish. Never out in the wilderness, although I do live in Az but once, my then two year old son was locked in the car after grocery shopping (long story) and I had to call the fire dept. Anyway, hope that pic axe didn't break. This was wonderful writing as usual -- I am a big fan of your work. Glad your back in the challenge. This was humorous, riveting and colorful. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
How could I forget, I got so wrapped up in your well done presentation, I forgot your lovely take-away -point. When we pray we can always count on Him to give us bread and not a stone. Love your lesson on that.
Prospector, huh? What a character; how do you come up with these? I loved the creativity (Please don't tell me it's a true story, you'll ruin the wonder) The cliffhanger ending was great; really worked well. You remind me that "we walk by faith, and not by sight" and we may not always understand His ways, but we can always trust his love. Thanks for writing.
I would definitely call this out of the box thinking and insightful in its creativity. The reader could not but help follow the story and wonder and think and once read, think again and say: "I see." Great job!
This is an amazing story, full of imagination, a rare find, with a surprise at every turn. The value the prospector places on his pickax is really something! Great message at the end.
Splendid, entertaining piece of work. Totally loved it!
Lovely and delightful...if a lost "feller" and old prospector can be described as such! Congratulations on a job well done on your placement. God bless!
WOW! What a fantastic story. Congratulations!
I am so happy for you, this was definitely one of my favorites this time around. I really hope you do write a sequel!
Congratulations on your 3rd place win. This is so creative! I knew it would place high, and it did. Great job.
Congratulations on your EC!
Congratulations on your 3rd place EC. It is well-deserved.
I enjoyed this story very much. I could feel the desperation then the relief when the prospector showed up. Congratulations on your 3rd place and EC rankings.