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What delightfully enjoyable tale. I have known many people quite like the MC. Loved the ending. I was pleasantly surprised as I had orignally thought it was another "angel" story. Brilliant! God bless~
Sorry...correction wish there was a way to edit!!!

What a delightfully enjoyable tale!

Personally, I have known many people quite like your MC. Simply loved the ending and I was pleasantly surprised as I had originally thought it was another "angel" story.

Brilliant! God bless~

This is the funniest tale I've ever read! I had to read it to all within my vicinity to show what I am up against in these challenges. You set the standard, Noel . . .
Love it!
Delightful and beautifully written. Poor guy, but then he found Alice. A truly original tale of woe and then love. Excellent.
This is cute.

I was a bit confused as to exactly what happened at the end... Did he actually fall onto the tracks, or just almost fall?

Cute story, and I'm glad he found a protector in the end. :)
Aw bless. I was so tense towards the end of this tale. I thought you were going to kill him off on the track, just as I'd grown to love the poor hapless soul.

He is a perfect cross between Mr Bean and Frank Spencer. I so want to mother him.

You are the master of paronomasia, and I hope that's the correct word, 'cos if not I'll feel so silly. I especially like your 'genuine cairo-practor.' HaHa.

Another entertaining tale to amuse us. Loved it.
Her-man and Al-ice, dancing through a dust storm life. What fun.
I don't know which I enjoyed more--the puns, the exaggeration, or the under-statement, but it was delightful throughout.
Congratulations for ranking 30 overall!