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This is fantastic writing. From Celeste's ear nibble, through Madge's bladder retirement and ending with Bruce's, 'knock me down and call me Shorty.' It was hilarious right the way through in all the little details. Great job, loved it, and I think its got to be destined for high places. (Pun unintended. Ha!)
Always listen to your wife. I'm sure this poor husband will never hear the end of it. Funny and well written!
This made me smile. Nicely done, and well written.

God bless~
You know something that blesses me about participating here at Faithwriters? Seeing what stories come out of all of us. Sometimes I wonder how did he/she think of that? It's really a testimony to the One who inspires us and His creativity in giving all of us unique minds and clever talents. I'm so glad that you write! This one makes me wince, laugh, and feel sorry for every single one of the characters.
Great job with this. I loved the subtle humor... "...early retirement" and "knowledge of heart attack symptoms..." Nice job.
Hysterical! Drama, angst, comedy, horror, sensationalism (see bladder) - sterling!
Great Story! Very enjoyable love the humor. :) My wife seems to think I have the same problem:)
Great story. I thought the theme of "Pigs Might Fly" was also shown nicely.
Congratulations on ranking 13 overall!