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I love this because I read the last sentence, stopped and thought a couple of seconds, and then the full weight of your subtle take on the topic hit me. Wow!
Oh romance! You've written this in an engaging (no pun intended) and humorous way, and very well. May "Juliet" meet her "Romeo", and live happily every after. I'd better not tell you the ending of "Romeo and Juliet"!
I have often made up my own ending when reading Romeo and Juliette!

I first read it for a school assignment when I was 13yrs old, after crying at the ending, I made up my own ending.

Great job!

God bless~
Liked this entry! Caught my attention right away and kept me reading to the end. Well done humor.
I love the language you used in the writing. In my mind, I saw Scarlet O'Hara. Very well done!!
Fascinating and creative! Loved it!
I love the humor in this wonderful little story--so happy to see it in EC! Your creativity shines as always, Beth!
Hooray for you, Beth. This is one of my favorite entries! Congrats and God bless!
I'm still giggling Beth! This is great! I Many congratulations and very well deserving of its EC!!
..... a fellow JA fan!!
Congratulations, Beth!
*smile* I love your characterization via her imagination.
Oh ROFL. That is just too funny. I'm a bit of the reverse here, I much more prefer Shakespeare over Jane Austen any day of the week (the Tempest, anyone?), but I loved the humor in here. I could just seem the FMC going about her life, with Austen-tinted glass.
The last line was hilarious though. I sincerely hope that our dear "Elizabeth" does not end up like Juliet. ;)
Congrats on your EC! :D
Congratulations on your editor's choice, Beth!
This was fascinating,humorous and very clever,with so many subtleties. The intro line was perfect for the whole piece. Now that you have turned to Shakespeare I hope you can mimic his style just as well as you have JA. Congratulations on the EC. I love the way you write.
Yep, I can see you adding the American farmyard genre to Shakespearean tragedy,comedy and history. I think you have already written farmyard sonnets, haven't you?
I had to chuckle. I couldn't help it. So dramatic and classic Jane Austin. Excellent writing!
Well I'm going to confess what a literary dolt I am. I haven't read Jane Austin or much of Shakespeare, but before you gasp aghast-they are on my to do list.
All that said to say I'm not really qualified to make a witty comment other than say your piece was creative and fun.