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Your description of Dun Roaming made me want to call and make a reservation! Such wonderfully vivid, yet peaceful, images come to mind. I think many a traveler and many a weary soul will relate to it. Excellent writing!
Very descriptive and atmospheric work, though your title had me wondering if it was going to be about what Emperor Nero did to the city with his fire! But no, you had lots more to say, and you said it well.
I like the title. :-) Minor spelling and grammar issues noted. Careful editing suggested before submission.

I wanted to introduce the MC's inner struggles from the first paragraph. I think that was accomplished by connecting him with the title
and through dialogue.

The message stems from personal experience - God is always there when we come to our dead end.

Comments submitted by the author. :-)

Wonderful story of hope, as well as a reminder that change is not easy. I saw Dun Romain' as a rehab center but perhaps I was wrong.
When I learn to write this way is when I will feel comfortable in Master's level, because this is definitely written by as Master writer. Your descriptions of Dun Roamin, and the play on words of done roaming, (or is it a real place?) are brilliant. I have much to learn, I see.

Thanks for lending me your talent.
well written and vivid descriptions - makes me want to be there also
Just one word...Excellent!

God bless~
I was completely captivated from beginning to end. Which I was loath to see. This is a full on masterpiece!
Congratulations in ranking 21 overall! Happy Dance!!