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Great story! I loved kept me riveted to the very end. Wonderful!

God bless~
Standing up to bullying is so taxing on the nerves. Good thing his wife knew his body cues and ways to get her hubby to relax. Didn't see the bucket of seashells coming; that was good.
What a great story -and so well told. I loved how the wife stood up to the bully to save he husband from overreacting and doing something worse. It reminds me that Christ-centered love is about sacrifice, not just today, but everyday.

I really enjoyed your narrative. Thanks for sharing it with us.
I felt the tension in the confrontations, and the fear of "what have I done?" from the wife after the altercation.
This was very entertaining. Well done.
This is an excellent article through and through. It kind of reminds me of an incident I had during my junior year of HS. I enjoy reading your articles in that they always offer teachable moments for all who read them!
What a spectacular scene you painted with the resultant bucket to the chops and subsequent humbling of the 'bad guy' by the heroine- an apparent peace keeper and chillax er.

What a genius take on the topic! What a fantastic story. This one is surely a winner in my book. The best I've read in a long time. Your writing is better than ever!
Congratulations on ranking 24 overall. Happy Dance!!