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An excellent job of presenting the glaring differences between the two countries.

The reality of what happens in other countries should make individuals in this amazing country count their blessings every single day, and give thanks to the One who makes it possible...Our Father.

Well done, and well said.

God bless~
Thank you for sharing this. I have read a lot of excellent stories this week that point out the seriousness of our petty complaining over trivial inconveniences, but you did such an excellent job of showing us through your eyes what true squalor and real world problems look like.

Additionally your writing was tight and flowed well, making the read fly by. I was at the end before I knew it. Great job!
You've told this true account of life in a third-world country compared with our relative luxury really well. It was great to read a serious article on this topic and especially one so well written. Thanks.
I saw that kind of poverty when I went to Africa on a mission trip. It serves as a constant reminder about how much God has blessed me. Thank you for your poignant story. Very sobering indeed. Blessings.
Your story did a great job of showing the contrasting values and needs of humanity. I was applauding the young soldier for his compassionate heart.
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is what we need more of today. My time was well spent by reading this.
Very well written and absolutely spot-on with the topic. Thanks for the great reminders.
An excellent article on differences we so take for granted and how blessed we are with the simplest of things while others live in poverty.
Very excellent example of the contrast between the entitlement mindset and true poverty. Outstanding article.
Hey! Congratulations! You are really taking off! This is an awesome story. Great writing.
Congratulations Sheldon!
I knew this would get an EC the moment I read it. True stories always shine through.

God bless~
Woohoo! I didn't see your EC until now! So happy for you, Sheldon!
Congratulations on your EC placement! This story was well-deserving.
Congrats! You have the "golden touch" no doubt. I enjoyed this article very much. Keep em coming my friend!

God Bless!!
I hope I did not come across the wrong way with my assessment of this article. You are so dead-on accurate with your words. I mean the golden touch in choosing the right words to open eyes that are often sealed shut from a world we know is out there, but one many of us would rather just go away. However, that world seems to grow in number each and every single day and one God demands of us to take a long, hard look if we are to do his will.
This is outstanding and reminds me even though I'm discouraged that I'm in the hospital again, I look around the clean room with the powerful medicines and TV playing in the background and am blessed beyond belief. Thank you for sharing this spot-on message. Congratulations and Happy Dance!
Sheldon, this was so well done. It preached truth without being preachy and told so realistically from someone who has been there. I felt so convicted - a good thing. Congratulations!