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Fabulous story, excellent writing, and so many things to ponder in this lively, yet poignant tale. I really loved it.

Funny thing, I'm not really into Ice Cream per se, but when I do indulge, Vanilla is my fav!

Great job!

God bless~
Wow. I could feel the tugging, the luxuries we're accustomed to pulling from one side, and the heart for serving and relating tugging from the other.

Great application of theme.

Very well written!
This is just perfect! You've written a piece that somehow manages to span the gap. Honest but not preachy and paints the perfect picture of how, even when we try and our hearts mean well, we can't always put ourselves in their shoes. Hauntingly beautiful.
I love the honesty of this piece. How you show us your desire to help these impoverished little ones, and how, at the same time, you miss your small luxuries. The admission that you cannot possibly know what it's like to be in their place, but still trying to do what you can to push back their reality for a short time, makes for a priceless story. Your voice is clear and hones in this piece.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
Your story paints an accurate picture of two cultures mingling together. What a difference it makes when one hand reaches out to another to offer compassion, love and kindness. These actions have lingering affects on the "rich" and the "poor". I thoroughly enjoyed this entry.
You have tackled this topic very well and have brought out the dilemmas that face us 'first-worlders' when we endeavour to help 'third-worlders' very well. It's an issue that deserved much thought and the wisdom of the experienced. Well written.

God bless~
Congratulations on Your HC, this is an awesome story. How we wanted to stretch ourselves. Great writing!
Congrats again on your EC! Wow!
Congratulations! I was hoping this would finish high so more people would notice and read it. It's not only well written, but delivers an excellent message as well.
This is such a powerful reminder. You make me see my blessings in such a profound yet lovely way. Remember the hyphen in words like:well-clad and well-meaning.You nailed the topic and touched my heart in a special way. Congratulations! Happy Dance!!!
Congratulations Lillian! A well deserved win in EC! You always inspire me.