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Powerful, wonderful story...beautifully written and expressed.

Well done!

God bless~
I really enjoyed reading this article very much! I love outdoor type scenarios and nature. You did a perfect job with this article from beginning to end!
I'm not a fan of stories where animals speak and/or thing like people (nope, not even C.S. Lewis), but I did like this allegorical tale. Not just because it was well written, but because the life lesson that showed how selfish it would have been of Smoke-Dog to let his life end in that lake.

Some many who contemplate suicide have given no thought as to how horrible the consequences are to those who would be left behind. There is so much dwelling on the bad with so little consideration given to what is good in their lives.

A believe you can do a lot of good with a series of short stories if the others are as on-target as this one is.

Thanks for sharing.
Wow...the comment I made above is what happens when I try to write something without wearing my glasses.

Geez...I couldn't have made more errors if I was the first baseman for the Chicago Cubs.
You smacked me right in my heart with this. I have attempted many times to end what I once considered my useless life. When I finally realized how my loved ones would hurt, I took my hurts to Jesus. He gave me a message I cling to daily: "Be still, and know that I Am God!" Thank you for the beautiful wolf Smoke-Dog; I will long remember this precious story.
Clever and thought-provoking material which will especially appeal to younger male readers. Great job.
I think you brought your message across very powerfully and told it in a way that would appeal to your target audience.

I struggled with the idea of knowing an animals thoughts, but I'm not your intended audience. The reverse of this is that it may appeal to them.

I loved the way the intended lesson was brought across. I agree with an earlier comment that a series of this type could help a lot of people rethink the effects of suicide.

Do the series and I believe it would be very publishable.

Wow this is so awesome. I had tears in my eyes. You did a brilliant job in getting the message across without creating any disagreement about if animals have a soul and can go to Heaven. They definitely can love and this ending was sheer brilliance. This is one of my all-time favorites. My favorite genre is kid's stories and often album writers make the mistake of having an adult solve the conflict, but you had the MC (who is the character the kids would relate to) resolve it himself. I loved this. I can't wait to read more in the series. Congratulations on ranking 11th overall (and 10th in Masters)! Happy Dance!