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You have combined depth of meaning, grasp of scripture and simple language - all within a tight poetic structure. I love it. I hope it rates as well as it should.
This was unique and its structure make me focus on what was be said. Excellent message. Wonderful job!
What a wonderfully creative rendition of Job's story. The careful crafting of each word makes the message clear. This is a masterpiece!
This read like a shakespeare

Great job with the Biblical story of Job who very well may be the epitome of "bouncebackability."

Well done.

God bless~
What resonates strongly with me in this entry is the resolution within each stanza; each one opens and ends on the same point, but what's in between is what brings it home. When you get to the end, the entire work feels done, complete.

That sounds a bit work-a-day for such a magnificent piece of writing, but this is not one of those pieces that makes me gush over its cleverness, or its intricate wordsmithing. This piece leaves me silent and contemplative. There is just such a simple profoundness about it that I feel the need to cover my mouth with my hand.

Great job and congratulations on your well deserved second-place finish this week!
Yeah for 2nd place, my gifted friend!

God Bless~
I'm speechless, dear Beth! Magnificent. You excel in so many ways. Congrats and God bless!
well done Beth on your well-deserved placing. Great Job (at first) ;-)
nicely written. Congratulations.
Congratulations, Beth, on your extremely well deserved 2nd place win. You have told the tale of Job so very well, the drama and theology of this story is reflected beautifully. Job is a favorite book of the Bible for me and your telling of it, your use of words, rhyme and rhythm moved me like the depth and poetry of the original.
Congratulations on an incredibly well deserved win.Beautifully written. I loved this.
This is not just outstanding, it stands out. It is a unique and satisfying piece. I loved the way you were able to capture the myriad of emotional and spiritual tones and the many key theological moments in the Book of Job in a succinct and logical way. The rhyming assonance at the beginning of the stanzas was a delight. I know very little about poetical structure, but this was so satisfying. What was also surprising was that it was visually so pleasing. Maybe it was the squiggles. It was like a large elegant porcelain vase. Sorry to be gushing all over it.