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Very creative. I enjoy the easy style of this piece. And the descriptions put me on that log, clinging alongside your MC. Good stuff.
Wow! Incredibly well written. Your first descriptive paragraph pulled me in. Even though I knew the outcome for this man, the story was still intriguing. Well done.
What a riveting story told from a perspective we don't see very often when we cover this story.

I thought about the horrible movie version of Noah that just came out this past spring - they got it wrong in so many ways, just to try and make the story more of an action-adventure, and you just did that without having to deviate much from the biblical version.

Great job!
Thrilling - sumptuous descriptions. You made me feel his fear, his pain - the unending deluge swallowing him up. I wonder if he had cried to YHWH - would He save him then? We can only pray . . .
What an interesting angle you chose for this story, and you pulled it off very successfully.

Your vivid descriptions make this story real. You have a gifted pen.
I love this story. I had thought of Noah when I saw the topic, but this is a brilliant POV. You held my interest from beginning to end. Part of me was hoping Noah would save him even though I knew it wasn't so. You did a superb job with this one.
Spectacular writing!

God bless~
I had commented on another entry how awed I am by master story tellers like the both of you, taking well known Biblical accounts and offering them to us with from a unique perspective in the believable characters of you MC.

Well done!
Congratulations on ranking 18 overall.