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Hmm...quite an interesting take! You made me laugh. I like that. :)

A few red ink typos, extra commas, etc., but that is only proofreading.

I liked the serious yet lighthearted tone.
I love how you put it all together in your example in the end, which made me laugh out loud.

Yes, we are so different, and relying on each other's strengths help us to navigate the most difficult decisions much better - especially if we prayed about it together.

You made me think a lot while reading this entry and enlightened me in some areas.

Very nice work!
Interesting read. Glad the flea collar wasn't for you! :)

I'm not married but I can still relate to the 'Does not compute. Does not compute.'
Really nicely written article contrasting sanding off each other's rough edges vs iron sharpening iron.
Or the beauty of both working in a complementary fashion. It's all a matter of perspective (the woman's of course) ha.
And here's a toast to the differences that we accept and celebrate, sometimes with frustration, but always with love! Your article was well written.
Hahaha. I liked this one, it made me smile. Well done.

God bless~
I forgot to mark this one "Non-Fiction", which automatically marks it as fiction during the judging. Oops.
I understand completely only half of this--the half when you write about your wife (that part makes complete sense). :) You've crafted an entertaining, well-thought-out, humorous read AND I enjoyed ALL of it. Super work!
Congratulations on ranking 18 overall.