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Oh boy. This really touched me. Thank you for sharing such beautiful thoughts.

I was just a little bit confused by the beginning of the piece. Was it that you (the author) sometimes wondered if counselling was a waste of time, and reminded yourself that when your wedding photos were taken, you needed that? It felt as if the introductory question maybe didn't quite match the rest of the first paragraph. Although it did draw it back in at the second paragraph. It could be just me and my slow brain.

I especially loved and identified with your last few paragraphs. Thank you for putting that taboo m-word with the infamous s-word... "Mutual Submission". My husband and I strive to apply those very principles. We have found ourselves quite alone in this and often rejected by people in the church because I am not "submissive enough" and my husband is not "a strong enough leader". The fact that we both strive to treat each other with a gentle and honoring spirit doesn't seem to matter. :P

I'll step off my soapbox. Thank you again for writing that. It was exactly the encouragement I needed to face current struggles. Knowing we are not alone really helps. My (biased?) opinion says this one needs to be a winner. So let it be written, so let it be done. :)
Hmmm... I didn't strangle my teenagers more than once a week and fortunately, I couldn't reach my husband's neck, otherwise we definitely would not have survived 44 years of wedded... erm, whatever.

Joking apart, I appreciate that all you have said is sound advice for a Christian couple to enjoy a long and happy life together, and to provide a loving and stable environment in which to bring up well balanced children. (Did that sound like I'd just lifted it from a book?)

A great contribution for this week's topic, and as always impeccably written.

Such wise advice and counseling you've provided here. I can see that the couples in your church are in good hands.

My wife and I are coming up on our 27th anniversary, and my youngest (of four)is turning 18 on Monday. So we are close to entering that "empty nest" phase of our relationship, and I know that there will be new challenges ahead. Your entry gave me some insight into that phase, and makes me realize that, even though we are often the ones younger couples look to for marital counsel, it wouldn't hurt for us to look for some couples who have been through this next stage of our relationship.

Excellent work! Thanks for sharing.
I enjoyed your piece very much. Yesterday was our 56th anniversary, and I'm so thankful for God's blessing through the years.
You wrote a respectable devotional.
I like to tells folks who are experiencing marital differences that marriage very well may be designed to make us Holy rather than happy, if we allow it to.
I read that somewhere years ago and it resonated with me.
Even though we were both 21, we looked like kids in our wedding photo too. :) What a super title (profound and intriguing) and word-plays woven throughout. This entry has Biblical wisdom and a touch of humor (that equals) great reading and advice for life and true happiness.
Loved the opening! I just said this last week to my husband as I stared at our wedding picture on the wall in our bedroom!

Well done, well said, and phenomenal writing.

God bless~
Congratulations on ranking 19th overall. Happy Dance!