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Hahahahaha! This was a fun well written read. Clever use of the topic.

Great job.

God bless~
Nice play on the topic, with just the right amount of humor. My only nit is the continued use of italics. But, with that said, they do emphasize the direction of certain aspects of the dialogue. Writer's discretion: weigh the pros and cons. HA!
Simply a delightful read. I had a lot of fun reading it, so reckon you enjoyed crafting it. If I come back after lunch, will I get to know if he chose beans or corn" Or, do you plan a sequel? Nice job putting a smile on the face of your readers.
I delighted in this. My brain didn't start itching until I got to Drucker' store. Squinting, I tried to Remer. Douglass and Kimball made the itch greater. Soon I was humming with words popping out here and there... Country air... Time's Square. I could even hear the Ziffel's pig, Arnold in the background. You managed to show what Green Acres was all about--22 minutes of pros and cons. You took me back in time (it doesn't really seem that long ago thanks to TVLand).
Cute story. Like your humor and your take on the topic. Well done.
Ha ha ha! That sure did bring back some memories.
Well that was a fun ride to nowhere. Poor city slicker/wanna be farmer.
Interesting conversation, but not knowing the TV show referred to by others, I failed to get much of the humor.

An enjoyable read none the less.