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Wow - This was sheer genius. Great job describing the "scam artists" out there today. I found it interesting and the ending spectacular.

Clever, original and completely on topic with a unique twist.

Well done.

God bless~
Great job with this topic. I really enjoyed the different spin you took with this.

It kind of reminded me of how Satan works. Making something look so appealing, but when you buy into the lie it's pretty devastating.

Satan is the ultimate professional con-artist for sure.
This is a great take on the topic. I enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that was sprinkled throughout. This was my favorite line and had me literally laughing out loud: She worked hard all her life, and all she ever got was me. What a hoot!
Yes, this was a good read. I did especially like the fact that throughout the reading you get to understand that Procon really knows he's a big mess up. Sadly there are too many folks following the same thought pattern. The ending is great.
Good job.
Hey, here's another winner this week. Loved the way it all bounced along, and that ending was superb. A real unexpected twist. Great job!
If you listen carefully, you will hear my applause coming all the way from Australia.

the only this I spotted was that the last line would read better as "My name is..."

An awesome entry.
You have nailed the topic so well, with such a varied and comprehensive portrait.
One thing about con-men - they know how to fall on other people's feet. And I often smile when victims are interviewed, for they always say, "Ohh, he was good!!!" They never say, "Ohh, I was greedy!"
I reckon your creative approach will be well-rewarded.
Poor John, the Con.

By way of red ink: Is the fourth paragraph missing a comma after 'or'? 'Or you may know me...'

Well written. I wanted to go this direction with the topic but didn't end up doing it. Glad you did!
Great creative approach to this topic.
Glad you concluded with John's con sequences.
Hysterical! So happy to see you in Masters! (Gives me a lot less competition, says me greedily) - love this, love you!
Great story. Well written with a superb ending.
Ah the early bird gets not only the worm, but also the first brick tossed! I loved your take on the topic and I think everyone will be able to relate. Who hasn't had someone try to scam them at one time or another. It's unfortunate that a suspicious nature is needed in today's world.

You did a great job of presenting the various ploys of the con-man. Enjoyable and right on topic. I had a similar idea, but did not enter it, about 2 characters, a professional person and a con-man. I'm glad you did this one. I hope it does well, it should! Blessings to you and your work!
Congratulations on ranking 23 overall! Happy Dance!