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Beautifully expressed.

God bless~
Oh, I like this. Great job.

This is probably just me, but the shorter line broke up the rhythm for me a bit.

This is cute. Yes, some things may have been better in "yesteryear" but some things are better now too.
I love this entry. Just as you had me sympathizing with the MC over the way things used to be, you flipped and showed me how wise she is in valuing love and household peace over any of those old ways.

Great job! This had a comfortable rhythm to it that I just fell into and, before I knew it, I was at the end.

Great job!
Took me back to times when refinement and dignity still had us in thrall. Beautifully written - I love this.
I like how you have clearly profiled the niceties of yesteryear - but opened a mood shift to prioritise people over procedures. Well done.
I quite enjoyed that! Nice, very nice.
Welcome every guest - hospitality is more important than merely entertaining.

Wonderful poem.
Your poem makes me look at 'yesteryear' with a kind of nostalgia. It's beautifully written and has several lessons one can take home. Loved it!
You have such a wonderful way of sculpting a masterpiece with your words. This is a lovely piece and flows beautifully from one line to the next. Congratulations on your EC. Happy Dance!
Just keep what's worth retaining indeed!
Beautiful sentiment in your entirely lovely poem.
Hey - have only just read this wonderful poem - how did I miss this?! I love its message and its clever rhyming pattern... and oh, how I can identify! Really lovely entry - apologies for slow response! Thanks too for your lovely note- hope you had a great time away.