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Complex, intriguing and unique piece here. I loved the last paragraph. This kept my interest throughout and wondered how it would didn't disappoint!

God Bless~
Interesting ending. As I neared the end, I had the feeling it was going to take a strange twist. I also think it would be interesting (and believable) if the woman that opened the door was an old and gnarled beauty of say 80+ years being in the eye of the beholder.
This was a very intriguing story with an unexpected and amusing twist at the end! However, how could Benjamin agree that this woman was a "rare beauty"? She sounded like a "rare ugly" to me! :)

I really liked this sentence: "His prestige was growing, for he was mastering the balance between what he saw as the prose of a portrait―or accurately capturing the image―and its poetry―which interpreted the inner mood or personality of those sitting for him." It is this kind of sensitivity that is the mark of a true artist, in my opinion!
I liked this a lot. The message came through clearly. I thought it was extremely well done and very clever ow you did it; whilst I suspected there was going to be a twist, when it did come, it wasn't what I thought at all. For me, that fits the genre perfectly.
Nice twist! I expected some sort of a twist, but not the one you wrote. Nicely done.
Not quite what I equate you with - humor realized with the Picasso twist, and so suspenseful I had to reread it! You are a master indeed . . .
Hugs, Judi
1 Timothy 3:16 KJV
Great read. I loved the slightly bizarre twist. After I read this I happened to coincidentally read this about Abraham Lincoln which made me think of your story again. He was asked his opinion on a piece of art that was obviously deficient in merit. He said the painter obviously observes the Lord's commandments. He has not made unto himself the likeness of anything in heaven above or in the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth.
Congratulations on ranking 16 overall! Happy Dance!
Well done, Noel! Of course there was an amusing twist in your story! A well told tale.