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A wonderfully written treatise on the dangers of treats. I can identify - one mad fit of depression found my eating a full package of Oreo Double Stuff in one night - accompanied by bowls of Pralines and Cream ice cream. Took me years to face an Oreo again, and I am still somewhat skittish. Great job!
Very powerful piece one I totally understand. I have and still do comfort eat. For me forget about the bar it will not be long before it's three mates go as well.

I actually stopped years ago by each year cutting one group out such as biscuits then cakes then bars thus I did for a few years but now I don't think I could but so need to.
Thank you for your brave honesty. I believe this piece will speak powerfully to many. Most if all, I valued the hope it brought, hope that cuts through all the shame and self-loathing that go along with gluttony. I really hope to see this piece place highly.
This entry made me so sad, thinking about your plight and the reasons you gave for it. Thankfully you're now on the winning side, and I think it's brave of you to let us in on this true story. I hope it rates highly.
The title says it all in this poignant and candid account of your journey.

Thank you for sharing your innermost private thoughts and struggles. I love the last line...shich summed it up nicely.

God bless~
Wonderfully penned testimonial that is an inspiration to others to keep fighting the fight, no matter what addiction or problem they are fighting! Your last line says it all...With God All things are possible!
Congratulations on ranking 23 overall! Happy Dance!