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A winner across the boards! This is an explosive and jarring account that brings the topic to life in a powerful way! Excellent writing in this touching and somber piece that will stay with the reader for days!

Excellent work, see you in the winner's circle!!

God bless~
Such a powerful piece, especially knowing it is non-fiction.

Though not grasping the chief by his shoulders and vigorously giving him a thorough 'shaking,' I sense the truth & forcefulness of your reply doing just that!

Wing His Words,
Wow. What an awful account about man's ingratitude! And the situation with the sports shoes - horrible! A very impacting article.
A winner for sure, and not just for the Challenge. All the more powerfully because it's true. From our world of comfort, it's so easy to glamorise missionary work, until we get reminders like this. God continue to bless you as he blesses others through you.
This is gripping and stirring all at the same time--like splashing your face with icy water--and then awakening to the reality of worldly greed. I hope you place this entry elsewhere so it can reach more readers. Not only was this informative and eye-opening, but surely deserving of a first-place win.
Wow, what a riveting story and powerful example of mankindís greed! I like how you ended this with a comparison exampleóreminding us that greed is a human problem, not limited to any particular place or culture. For as you so aptly remind us with your story, greed can be found from the big city corporate elite to the uncivilized jungle tribes and anywhere in between. Thank you for sharing this! Impacting read!
I love true stories and this one didn't disappoint me. Congratulations, Dannie, and God bless.
Good read Dannie, congratulations. I liked the points you brought out in this true story. The men were being given so much and yet they still wanted more. Very typical of our society.
Amen to all of the above comments. Congratulations, and blessings:)
Amazing doesn't even begin to describe you. I'm humbled by your heart and honored to be called friend. Congratulations on the well-deserved win. Can you feel the tremors or hear the shouts from my Happy Dance? HAPPY HAPPY DANCE!!!
oh man! The emotion and frustration is tangible. You've told this excellently. Congrats on your EC.