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Wow- That was a powerful entry. I really enjoyed this from start to finish.

Serves as a timely reminder that things at times are not all what they appear to be.

Well done!

God bless~
Wow, that was cool. Very engaging story, and the ending was totally unexpected. I enjoyed it!
Great story about the life of an intercessor. I like that the didn't go in the way I expected...she wasn't a wounded recluse or anything of the sort.
I totally enjoyed this piece. You did a wonderful job of building the suspense. I had all kinds of nefarious plots bouncing about, but none were as wonderful as your twist of an ending.

I'll admit I had to reread one part. At first it seemed the MC was outside, walking in the neighborhood, but then inside an office. It's probably my slow brain, but thought I'd point it out.

You did a great job with the dialog (though I winced slightly since society has made queer an offensive word, but it was plain you didn't mean it that way). The dialog really helped to develop the characters. I think you did a great job of tackling the topic in a fresh and intriguing way. I loved the last line. It was the perfect ending and spoke volumes. You did a spectacular job.
Very cool story! I had the same reaction Shann did to the word, but then, I had to admit that a lady the age of your intercessor would've said that very word--so good for you in keeping things authentic. I loved that the lady got so dressed up to pray! I mean, she's meeting with the King of kings, isn't she? To my shame, my wardrobe is much less regal, unless the royal blue of my sweats counts? Seriously though, I may think about changing my attire on those days when the Lord calls me to an extended time of intercession. It's true that our attitude can be influenced by how we dress for the part. I think I can take a real lesson from your dear lady. Thanks for sharing this delightful story.
I did not see that coming! This is a brilliant take on the topic. We need more Mildreds, for sure. I hope this piece gets the recognition it deserves.
Congrats on your placing. No small feat in Master's level! Well deserved!

So glad to see your name with the rest!

Congratulations on your EC and HR!

I thought this entry was sublime in every way, so glad the judges recognized that too!!!!!!

God bless~
Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and delighted that this great story is in the rankings! Happy dance... and maybe a piece of celebratory chocolate!