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Enjoyable read. It took me 'till about halfway through to recognize where you were going. I'm glad you took a "Chance" with this and shared it with the "Community". Hope you get to cash in with a win!
Such a clever analogy to real life. I loved the "aha" moment!
Such a brilliant piece that I was right at the end before it clicked. I love every paragraph and I hope the judges did also. Great writing!
If I was pushed towards monopolizing your reviews, I'd just have to say "No dice!"

Loved this entry - very clever.
I played monopoly the other night at a friends moving away party. .. I didn't leave his house until 2:30 AM :-) I wonder if the creator of that game named it for what it does to our time :-)
Ha! I didn't get it until the very end. Good job!
You clever girl. Enjoyed your entry all the way until the realization you had based in on our family anathema. Then I enjoyed it even more!
Very entertaining writing. I have to admit that I didn't twig to the Monopoly theme till right at the end. Very well written.
I get this MC. Often life does feel like a game, one I don't want to lose, but as your MC points out so succinctly, there's only one way to truly win--by listening and following Jesus.
Congratulations on ranking 19th overall. Happy Dance!