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I don't doubt this scenario plays out many times. Too bad MC doesn't find value in an older relative, but it's understandable. Her crime wasn't being anti-social.
You sure did a good job creating your MC. Good job in telling this story. There's always two sides of a coin, the italic thoughts gave us good insight into the young lady.
It's very well written. The MC is strong and I feel like I know her well. It's one of those slice of life, or peek into life, pieces about a typical teenage scenario that felt really, really, authentic.

An epiphany for the MC or Aunty Barb (either one) would have worked for me. But, that's really just me projecting what I want onto your story. There's no rule that a good story can't be non-dramatic and completely grounded in reality. :)

All in all this is an excellent piece and I really enjoyed the read. Nicely done.
I enjoyed this and your take on the topic.

I think you did a great job of getting into your teen MC. I found her quite delightful and honest. My guess is she's an introvert- someone who gets energy from having time alone, quite different from antisocial. I think she had a nice dry sense of humor, and I personally liked the ending. It felt realistic to me. Sometimes it's tempting to tie things in a nice knot, and while it had a happy ending (she wasn't antisocial like she feared), it wasn't tied up too neatly. The lesson about accepting who you are is important, especially for teens. I think you did a fine job.
Congratulations on ranking 16 overall! Happy Dance!