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Loved this totally credible portrait of farming life, with an object lesson included. Well done.
I really enjoyed your crisp sentences and believable dialogues. It was a fun read, though I felt the topic was just a bit forced into the plot, but maybe that's just me. Good writing.
I so enjoyed reading this - and my heart warms to 'Dad'. It may have been frustrating to live with his procrastinating tendencies but his family love, fun, humour and song warm the heart! A lovely story.
08/15/16 procrastinators can be fun people, and sometimes we get the job done. :)

Great job with creating believable characters and dialogue. There are a few missing words, here and there, but they are just a slight hiccup and don't disrupt the flow much at all (also a simple fix). I only mention them, because by they do make you stop for a second to figure what word belongs there, and it does break the reader out of the world you've so vividly created for them.

Love the dialogue and the message, and I particularly love how you do so much thru showing us the nature of your characters, rather than telling us.

Thanks for sharing.
You wrote this for me. It took me back to my childhood. This week is 23 years since I lost my mom, and it's been hard. You reminded me that I'm so grateful I didn't need to rush to say I love you. We spoke every day and always ended the conversation with I love you. Instead of mourning her, I'm celebrating that I myself have no regrets. Sure I wish she was still here, but we had a marvelous relationship. I even chased a cow or two hundred out of her garden. Thank you for this sense of peace you've granted through your words and the presence of Jesus. Congratulations on ranking 18 overall. Happy Dance! And a big hug!