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As a colonoscopy survivor, I have swung over to avoid using colons - preferring an emdash. Such humour may be hard for some to digest, but I enjoyed your interplay between MC and doctor. But it reflects an interesting fact about us guys: we will postpone all treatment on the most serious conditions, but a slight sniffle will lay us out for weeks with "Man-flu!"
Well written.
I enjoyed this light-hearted, humor-filled entry.
Just one opinion... I think the ending would have been stronger had you concluded with: "leaving me to ponder my options."
You picked a subject which is much cause of procrastination for many people and covered in a a light-hearted conversational manner. Well written.
Crafted so "delicately," your story is delightful--and too true.
Been there, currently doing that. Been overdue for my next one for more than a year. I just can't seem to afford the time off from work. :)

Seriously, great job establishing an easy, authentic familiarity between your characters. I love the dialogue between them as well as the inner dialogue running through your MC's head.

A well deserved EC! Congratulations!
Ha good one for those of us who have capitulated to the procedure.

My bit of a comedian doc had the audacity to remark how clean it was in there-ugh-gross-yuck!

Perfection on the procrastination topic.