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I'm not sure if this is a true story, but I was in tears by the end.

The thought of being estranged from my children or purposely kept from my grandchildren rips my heart into. My heart goes out to the MC.

I have several friends, all with sons, who have similar stories and they all break my heart. I pray for their situations- because that's what grandmothers do for other grandmothers!

Your words were heartfelt and kept me engaged from beginning to end. I could feel the pain and longing of the MC.
I found this well-told story extremely moving. And, I know of a similar situation where God answered the estranged grandparents' prayer so that regular contact now takes place. You have captured and expressed the MC's emotions very well indeed.
A well written and moving story. There are so many situations like this. Only God can comfort the heart of those parents, grandparents and great grandparents that have to suffer the neglect of those they love and want interaction with. Many times we do things that are kept dormant until the Lord opens the heart to seek reconciliation. Prayer, humility and forgiveness will have to come into play. My wife and I have tasted of that and it is heart wrenching. I was wondering at first if you were going to hit on the topic, but your certainly did a good job of painting pictures of the childhood joys we all want to share and enjoy with the little ones. Good job. I enjoyed a great deal. God bless.
Heartbreakingly beautiful!
Ohh dear...I pray if your melancholy story is non fiction that our Father mends every broken part.