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This was entertaining and interesting twist on the topic.
Couldn't red ink this piece even if you wanted me to - love it! Wow! So creative.
This was delightfully fun to read. I could do relate, AND had to read aloud to my husband. Fun. Fun. Fun. Who can red-ink this? Definitely not I.
*so relate*
Oh, autocorrect ...
Fun and entertaining piece. I think I probably belong in commitment jail, too. Well done.
This was fun to read. Love the snot and nose picking references!
Ouch! This entry got awful personal. I love it! Great way to present the topic and teach a lesson at the same time. Awesome job!
I enjoyed this entire entry.
Well done,
God bless~
Great humor !! You made me laugh a couple of times out loud, but I confess a couple of your phrases gave me pause like the bucket thingy. Eeks! But then I'm old school and that explains it. I can see why you're in Masters. You are GOOD.

Very descriptive, and salutary with a light touch. Great work.
You made me laugh. And I love a good line about snot or just about any bodily fluids! You held my attention all the way through. You have a wonderful sense of humor.
Congratulations on ranking 20th overall. Happy Dance! This was great, especially since fiction isn't your strongest genre. It was still one of my favorites!