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I'm reading a book written by a woman who has lived in an iron lung for over 50 years. I can hardly believe the strength of her faith and how she handles those who insist if she would trust God more, He would move her out of that metal prison. She has a ministry in helping others who are disabled, discouraged, depressed and in so doing, it gets her through her own hard days. God has a plan for you as surely as He had a plan for Billy Graham, for the mother of John Wesley, for everyone. Your heart's cry is to be used of God. I suspect you've already blessed more people than you'll ever know until you meet them in heaven. God bless you and your tender spirit.
This is so touching. Sometimes I think those with disabilities know their purposes better than the general public. Well done.
Certainly descriptive, compact and effective. That seems an incredibly challenging path you're on - bleak even - but the underlying hope is inspirational. I would say writing is definitely one of your gifts. Thank you for writing this, and giving us a glimpse into your world.
By reading this I can see how God is using you to minister to others both physically and mentally. God has given you great insight and a gift for writing.
This is so powerful. I know God had to draw a new map for me after I became sick (actually he's probably made thousands of them). Your words give me strength and courage to keep going and figure out my worth in my life. Your words will touch people in ways you may never had imagined.
This is a very heart-felt and well written entry full of encouragement. We never know how God will use us, but He always seems to use our struggles more than anything else. I agree, I think your purpose is to encourage others.
Regardless of your physical limitations and your pain, God has left you with a powerful story and ability to express it excellently. Hold on to all the faith you have, and God will make you a blessing to those who have similar problems--and even those who don't.
I agree with the others. You still have a lot to give. I understand the feeling of being in the desert, but I do believe that God is using this time for you to fully rest in Him. (((gentle hugs)))
You expressed yourself well with a refreshing vulnerability that drew me in. God bless you.
Thank you for sharing your heart and pain with us, it touched my heart and so many will relate to this, including myself.

Keep writing and sharing your entries with us, we appreciate them and you.

God bless~
Congrats Laurie for your EC award. God Bless you and your writing.