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What a personal story - I can't even begin to imagine how hard things must be for you.

Thank you for writing and sharing.
I liked the repetition of "I can't win." I think it makes your point and your feelings strong. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Well done.
You carry us along with an insight most of us don’t have, yet this doesn’t evoke pity but hope and a challenge for us all to dig deep and find the things we can be thankful for, the times God has helped us beyond our abilities.
Thank you for this. Very well done.
I like seeing that glimmer of hope. You are winning and your ongoing ministry proves it!
I can totally relate. I often feel I can't win either, but then God shows me my kids. I'm so blessed. They wouldn't be who they are today if I had won my fight with illness. It's the best thing about this miserable disease. I am able to still do God's work even when I don't know it. You are blessing everyone you contact in ways you may never totally see, but it is a huge win. This reminds me of a necklace I bought to remind myself better days are ahead. It says, "The pain you're feeling, can't compare to the joy that is coming." Romans 8:18. Thank you for sharing such a difficult part of your life.
I think your story is one that many will relate to personally, irrespective of being chronically ill themselves, or because they have loved ones going through similar circumstances.

Sometimes it helps to know, that others are going through a similar scenario or experience and that is why I appreciate
" 1 Corinthians 10:13."

I can feel your pain, and understand the debilitation of such pain and maladies. My heart goes out to you, with esteem.

Thank you for sharing your life with us, and the vitally important message you bring forth through your haze of pain.

God bless~
It's so frustrating when doctors can't figure out what to do. Thanks for telling your story. I enjoyed reading it.
I like your thoughts in this article. I've learned to look for God's blessings in whatever circumstance I am. It always changes my perspective.
Well done!
Your personal story is well told, and your choice to be a winner "inspire of" is most commendable. With your life you demonstrate Ephesians 3:20.
There are tens of thousands who suffer from undisclosed illnesses, who have no hope, and who have no future. Thank God for your testimony so well-written that "My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' blood and righteousness. I dare not trust a sweeter frame but wholly lean on Jesus' name." Praise God for your entry that is full of Victory, full of promise and praise.
God's purpose in your life may not be understood (We can't see the whole picture), but just by sharing your story you've made a difference.

I have suffered from depression/anxiety (Mostly OCD) most of my life. It is an illness that many people don't understand (even some medical professionals). I have worked part-time for most of my career and at times have withdrawn from people. Yet, I can still see God at work in my life and praise Him. Although when I was in the midst of the darkest period of my life, I was hardly able to get through the day (But I truly believe he listened to my utterances and the prayers of others).

I heard you and I'm sure Jesus does as well.
Congratulations on finishing 8th in this week's challenge. Keep up the good fight.