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Your writing is a gift and a blessing to me. And an inspiration.
Too often we take a talent for granted. I'm glad you found your way back to writing. This was inspiring.
I really can identify with this! That loss of writing, and the delight in its' return. I loved your opening/closing lines. I'm glad that God has brought this talent back to you- you are worthwhile!
I can relate to the journey you've described so well. Blessings as you continue to inspire many with all forms of those words.
I loved your entire piece, brilliant writing and a wonderful message in there as well.

So glad you're back, you are so talented.

God bless you~
Such a personal take on this week's topic. And so insightful. Thank you for just a little glimpse into what living as you must be like.

And I am thrilled you are writing again!
I really like the different take on the topic! You are such a talented writer. I am positive that your words have encouraged many, even when you were unable to write new ones. So glad you are back.
This is great. I loved the idea of "rant attacks." :D And I'm so happy you got the ability to write back. God is good.
This is a powerful piece. It's on topic, yet still out of the box. Your words are so powerful and paint a descriptive picture.
I sense deeper words from a deeper place. Sometimes it's that desperate searching for what we long for which opens us up to life we never really knew before. You've captured what many of us experience to some degree.
I appreciated your use of words and to read about your passion. You are inspiring.
What a great come-back story! I, too, experienced a dry spell and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, found myself writing again, this time to record memories of my life to be shared with my grandchildren after I'm gone. Your writings will bless others in a different way, ministering to those in need of physical healing. You are indeed a blessing.
Yea, Laurie! I thought I had already commented here, but . . . Anyway, this is a truly wonderful article. I, for one, am so thankful God brought your gift of words back!
Yaaaaaayyyyy! Congratulations! Happy Dance! You're on fire this week!