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I feel like you wrote this specifically for me. I can't read it without tearing up. I liked how you took something many probably thought of right away (The Beautitudes) and made it fresh, original, and out of the box. So many of us need these reminders. I think I'm going to print this and tape it where I can read it every day.
This is so good that I can see it printed on a plaque and sold in a Hallmark Store. At the least, it should be published in any newsletter, magazine or other media to minister to those who are suffering. Very, very well done.
I certainly can relate to this, as so many chronic sufferers can.

Great job with the topic and well done.

I'd be surprised if this didn't win, I'm sure it will be in the "winners circle."

God bless~
What special beatitudes you have presented. My favorite was the one about attitude. This is really excellent.
This is so good! I am thinking that these special Beatitudes will speak to more than just those with chronic illnesses. Like Shann, I am thinking I may print it. May I have your permission to share the Beatitude portion with my recovery group?
This is beautiful and an inspiring use of the beatitudes. Also a great encouragement for anyone with a chronic illness that they are blessed and very special.
Oh, wow. I really like this. It's both simple and profound at the same time. And while it's things that maybe we "know" it's also things we all need to be reminded of.
You never know who needs to read what you write... I needed this today. Very well said, and a very good reminder!
Thank you for being an encouragement to those who suffer with no end in sight. God is faithful to bring hope and purpose in the midst of suffering. I agree with the others it was a beautiful addition to the beatitudes.
So true - a lovely take on the Beatitudes, and the wording is very comforting.
I am also a chronic illness sufferer, but your beatitudes are written with hope that my suffering is not in vain.

Everything God does is for a purpose. Although, we may never know what that is.
This is beautiful! My niece is a chronic illness sufferer, and after this comes out with your name on it, I plan to share it with her.
I had a good friend who had a chronic illness. She was the mother of 3 boys, and spent a lot of time in bed. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago, but I remember the friends she made, from her bed, and the volume of care and love her family received, because she was willing to accept their help. And until the day she died she kept her snarky sense of humour - she never lost who she was, and never allowed her disease to define her.

I think her husband would love to read this!
I can’t believe I missed leaving a comment when I read this the other day. It’s so good. So true. Lovely. Reading it again makes me think of the song in which a phrase says, “Maybe it’s okay if I’m not okay because ...” then it goes on to say something to the effect that the One who holds the universe is holding onto me. :)
Congratulations on your 10th place finish, Laurie.

This was really an encouraging piece of writing.