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A smart mom here--and such a good lesson for a young man. I liked the way the young men showed they's had some training themselves!
Beautiful! I felt like this was another chapter in the bible in admonishing the youngers. Well done!
You've put this together so well, capturing much of the advice we would readily offer ourselves. Great work.
That's about as honest as you can get and full of wisdom. Life IS hard and often unfair but for the determined and faithful, the rewards are awesome. Good job !
This is so full of wisdom. It is advice that I can still use today. I remember going on a retreat and we'd write letters to ourselves reminding ourselves of what we learned and felt during these Christian retreats. We'd receive them in the mail in 6 months or a year. This reminds me a bit of those. I wrote them when loving God, being myself, and trusting was easy to do. I always seemed to open them when I needed those reminders. Even though this is written to your young self, I needed these reminders this week. Great message.
Such good advice. There are so many things that I wish I could tell my younger self, but you worded the most important things way better than I could. If only I had allowed more of the right people to speak into my life....
Obviously, my original comment was for another's entry! Sorry. This is excellent advice for a person, young or old. I loved the line about not letting others' words or actions steal your joy.
If only our older, wiser selves really could advise our younger selves, how wonderful that would be! Nicely done.
Love it. If only we really could write to our younger selves. Funny how we all gain wisdom through the years, yet the younger generation always has to grow through their own trials before being able to tell their younger selves what you have said here. This letter spoke to me - I'm glad you shared it here.