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I really like the personal episodes you describe. The parallel works perfectly with the thought you are driving home. Good writing.
I've never understood why people laugh when someone falls, for most of the times it looks very painful. I cringed when you were telling your opening story. It a miracle you were not seriously hurt! Good story.
A good test for age is falling over: if you're old, people will run to help. If you're young, they're more likely to just laugh.
Thanks for a fun read.
This is brilliant. It never ceases to amaze me how God arranges for me to read something like this at the exact moment I needed it so desperately. I need to follow your advice. I've been working on it for more than 50 years, yet still I struggle. You also have a delightful sense of humor. This piece had wisdom, chuckles, and a powerful message. It also made me flash back to a time when my horse decided to go through the electric fence to get back to the barn while I was riding him and the fence got wrapped around my bare feet (why was I riding barefoot??) and then crying, I got on my bike to go back home and wiped out on the dirt road (again, why was I riding my bike barefoot?) So I can totally relate to your story.
Congratulations on ranking 16th overall. Happy Dance!