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Well done- I love the flow (no pun intended) of this.
I feel like you are describing depression here and I had goosebumps, for I understand. I like the lifting of the storm into fresh cleanliness. Beautiful.
Ahhh... I could hear the rain and feeling it washing away the pain. Well done.
Love it!! The subject matter spoke to my heart. So glad you entered it!
So very encouraging to see the way God lifts despair and rains on us with hope. Well done.
Your words speak a truth in lovely form. Thank you for sharing this.
I love the journey you took me on from the beginning to the restoration of hope and security. The message that although nothing may be returned to us, we can still bask in the glow of His love and comfort.
Beautiful and lovely piece.
Thank you.
This is beyond brilliant. You've captured how I've felt throughout different times of grief, and different objects of grief from people to a job loss to losing my independence as I get older and sicker. So many of your word choices reinforce the topic (splattering, drizzle, soak). I can't put into words how much your words soothe my soul and make me feel like others understand this type of rain. I am not now nor have I ever been alone, no matter how it might seem at times. Wow, wow, wow. Each time I read it, I find tears welling up in my eyes. And I think I could read it every day for the rest of my life and experience something new with each read. That takes incredible talent.
Congratulations on ranking 13 overall. Happy Dance!