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Creative use of the topic to show the endless march of time. I like your MC. I think she's a good daughter. Thumbs up.
I Love the title of your story.

Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed this.

As someone with naturally snarly hair, I so relate to the hating to get my hair brushed as a kid.

I loved the use of the brush to show the passage of time.
I could so well identify with your story. Mama brushed my hair and fixed pigtails for all my early school years, and I was tender-headed as well. I remember, too, brushing Mom's hair when she got old.. She loved it as much as I'd hated having her brush mine. I liked especially your title and your last line. Thanks for bringing memories to me.
Oh, this is lovely. I enjoyed reading through the seasons of life and the way you brought in the topic throughout. Well done.
What a precious story. I love your description of the process, and the love of mother for daughter. I, too, had long hair as a child and one day while Mother was brushing my hair, she kept telling me to stand up straight in front of her and not keep trying to pull away. The truth was, I wasn't feeling well, hadn't eaten breakfast and soon my aunt who with us there in the kitchen, yelled out, "My goodness, she's fainting!" I slipped to the floor and Mother was so apologetic all the rest of the day. I was fine but that was one hair brushing experience I had forgotten, until I read your story. A great take on the subject!
This is such a poignant story, I recall my mom setting my hair in bobby pins and it hurt! Not a fond memory at tall. But you well- described your own fond memories.
This is beautiful and brought a lump to my throat. I remember my mom brushing my long red hair and threatening to cut it too. She would get so frustrated because I'd be able to brush the top layer, but couldn't get through the thickness and would inevitably have a huge snarl. Even today, with my sore shoulders, I struggle to get all the way through it. I tried to be extra careful when brushing my daughter's hair, yet they still complain. The love in this story also reminds me of my mom. Unfortunately, she didn't live long enough for me to repay the favor, so I extra appreciate that last bit of your story. Congratulations on your EC! Happy Dance!