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My brother and I are not close - in fact, he has chosen to disown my mother and me. It's great to hear how some families, despite their issues, can get along so well. Good job describing your own family's issues!
I like the line "That makes me one, too."
This has a lot of telling of your emotions; it needs more showing with dialogue and examples.
I understand the closeness of siblings. Well done.
I don't have a brother, but I have two sisters and we are all close. You told this well and let the reader understand your misgivings. Well done.
Good job with the topic, you brought it to life, thanks for sharing.

I've found that the difficulties a family goes through with time and age can bring individual members closer together, in-laws, too. I'm glad you've tried to include your sister-in-law.
I remember when my brother and I were best friends, and then he brought home his lady friend. In the beginning, it was cool, but after a while I noticed I'd taken a seat further down the table compared to her. It was a huge adjustment, so I get what your MC is facing. It's tough, but in the end, I believe it's worth the work and investment in getting to know and welcome this new member of the family.

Great writing.
Thanks for your honest emotions and confession in this. It is often hard to admit what we are actually feeling when we even partially reject someone.

I also like the realization that having a sister-in-law makes you one also.